Can An Online Education Degree Really Be As Good As A Classic One?

Sure, students attending online universities will miss out on certain social experiences that accompany living on campus, like having the ability to travel grab coffee together with your peers after class. And a few degrees — like nursing — require in-person practice. But there aren’t any tangible advantages to traditional institutions from an actual learning perspective because it pertains to most disciplines. In fact, most online universities within the U.S. today are held to the precise same standards and regulations as traditional universities.

I’ve experienced this first hand because of the founding father of a web university, Nexford. Once I was researching the way to lay the framework for Nexford, I discovered the method for obtaining a university license is that the same for a web university because it is for traditional universities.

For many people, in fact, attending a web university is probably going to prove more beneficial than removing loans to attend a standard university.

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