Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loans – How To Combine Responsible Debt Consolidation

Credit card debt is very common these days. It occurs when a consumer of a credit card company buys something or avail a service via the credit card system. When the consumer doesn’t pay back the company for the cash that he or she has invested, debt accumulates and grows through interest and other charges.

The problem with credit card debt payments is that you may not have the money to make the monthly payments every month. This makes it difficult for you to fulfill your basic needs every month. The constant rise in the price of goods and services makes it impossible for you to meet your expenses every month. You may be in a situation where you have to sell your assets just to pay your debt payments every month. That will leave you with very little money to survive and squeeze out of every paycheck that goes out of your account.

For such situations, it is better to close your account rather than taking up a new line of credit. Closing the account provides a number of advantages which can be of great help to borrowers who find it difficult to keep up with the payments on credit cards. Here are some of the benefits that can be availed by borrowers:

  • * Closing the account helps borrowers reduce the number of credit card debt payment that they have to make every month. As mentioned earlier, when borrowers pay a few percentage points more interest, the amount they owe increases. This means that the amount they have to pay every month is increased. If you have an account with considerable outstanding balances, then closing it can be quite helpful.
  • * Borrowers with higher debts usually pay a high rate of interest. Paying off substantial portions of outstanding credit card debt is one of the best ways to rapidly improve credit ratings. It also helps borrowers to quickly recover from any financial problem. A large portion of your credit card debt does carry some of the industry s highest interest rates. However, paying off a significant portion of this debt quickly is one of the best ways to rapidly improve your financial ratings.
  • * Credit card debt can affect negatively your FICO score. However, if you regularly use your credit cards, this score will gradually improve. Therefore, in case of credit card debt, it is advisable to close credit card accounts. In addition, it is advisable to manage existing credit limits sensibly.
  • * Many of the credit bureaus, such as Experian and TransUnion do not disclose important information regarding credit card debt. For example, when a borrower uses trade lines, the payment details do not appear on his credit report. Therefore, it is essential that borrowers check their reports for important details such as trade lines. In this regard, consumers are advised to contact both the credit reporting agencies and the trade lines for accurate and complete details.
  • * Most importantly, a good strategy is to maintain a consistent and reasonable payment schedule. This will improve your credit score considerably. The credit bureaus and lenders use this information in determining a borrower is credit score.
  • * When considering interest rates, consumers are advised to choose lenders with low interest rates. While this does not eliminate all options, this can be a great starting point. If a person finds that he is paying high interest rates on credit card debt consolidation loans, he should consider refinancing so as to pay lower interest rates.
  • * Many consumers use their credit cards to pay for entertainment purposes. Therefore, it is important that a person does not increase his credit card debt. A wise move would be to limit credit card balances. To help reduce the debt burden, it is advisable to first put a stipulation on spending, such that a consumer cannot buy anything more than he can afford.
  • * For people who are not confident about their ability to handle credit card debt, it is advisable to get a debt consolidation company. This way, a consumer will not only get a better interest rate, but also will be able to pay off the debt within a stipulated time period. It is a good idea to get as much information as possible about the various options that a person has to reduce credit card debt. The Internet is a good source of information. Other sources include credit counselors, friends, and newspapers. These sources can provide an insight as to how different options can be used to get rid of outstanding bills.

Personal Loans Vs Credit Card

When you need quick access to funds, personal loans and credit cards are the most common options. There is no universal answer as to which is the best type of credit – it all depends on your current needs and capacity to repay. Credit cards got a bad reputation, due to people constantly abusing their limits, but they’re not always a bad choice.


Various Aspects to Consider

The very first thing you notice are the interest rates, but that’s not the only thing that matters. Remember that the interest rates on your credit cards can change when the lender feels appropriate; usually, they are only required to notify you a couple of weeks in advance, and that’s all. On a loan, however, fixed rates remain fixed for the entire term. On the other hand, some credit cards have a interest-free period, and, if you manage to repay your debt before that period expires, you will make significant savings.


Credit cards are particularly useful if you’re self-employed, and you cannot get a very good deal on a personal loan. Cards are more flexible, which means you can borrow more one month, and repay more when your financial situation improves, and so on. For people with a fixed monthly income, a bad credit loan may be more suitable, since it’s easier to organize the budget around fixed payments.


The period for which you need to borrow money also plays a significant part in making the best decision. If you need a large amount now, and you want to distribute the repayments over a long period of time, then a loan is naturally the best solution. Of course, the interest rate will continue to accumulate, and therefore the long-term solution is always more expensive; but, since the monthly rates are lower, it’s also easier to cope with it.

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