Can An Online Education Degree Really Be As Good As A Classic One?

Online education gets a nasty rap, and there are a couple of reasons why.

Most notably, online universities are still relatively new, having only been around for 20 years approximately. Second, it’s true that a lot of online universities have, on the entire, been of a lower quality than traditional options. They’ve historically offered courses that contain little quiet PDF packets or, worse, courses that quantity to little quiet scams. Additionally, there’s a general disconnect when it involves the difference between online universities and online education at large. MOOCs (massive open online courses) — like those offered through Udacity, for instance, which consist mostly of long videos without support, faculty, or peer interaction — deliver on something entirely different than online universities. Yet, people typically consider them together and therefore the same.

Finally, society, too, plays a task in sustaining this stigma. Some folks tend to seem down on or disregard people coming from a web university. That perception, however misguided, still persists today.

Whichever way you check out it, the perpetuation of this false conception of online education is bad for college kids, because it contributes to a standard fear amongst prospective graduates that a web degree simply won’t help them in life. The result? many people who may benefit from it find themselves not pursuing a graduate degree in the least — which decision finishes up damaging not only students’ lives, but also the health of society as an entire. immediately within the U.S., only a 3rd of adults have 4-year degrees. If online universities were less stigmatized, that number would be tons higher, because the number of scholars pursuing degrees online would grow even faster.

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